We offer three 3D-designs developed with the assisted knowledge of professional hunters and adventurists. Our approach was to harness 3D-design efficiency with organic shapes, replicating naturally occurring forms and shadows.

Our Shell Tech pattern was inspired by the shapes and colours of the tortoise shell. The ability of a tortoise to significantly blend with surroundings affords its defence mechanism as a slow animal.

Shell Tech’s unique blend of different shades of brown, green and khaki produces a distinctive ‘golden’ appearance.

Shell Tech Camo can be used in sparsely vegetated regions, highly over-grown or barren areas and would suit most of these types of conditions, changing in appearance and colour reference.

Inspired by the South African Bushveld, our Bushveld Tech pattern is constructed from numerous shades of green and brown. A natural blend of colour and imagery was sampled from various species of Acacia bark and foliage photographed in carefully controlled lighting conditions.

Random crisp and blurred layers, with no horizontal or vertical orientations, ensure that the hunter becomes one with his surroundings when worn in the bush.

The pattern is further enhanced by incorporating a digital pixel process whereby the images are broken up into smaller pixels.

Our MicroCamo Tech pattern was inspired by the organic patterns found on the hides of wild African animals including the Giraffe, Leopard, Python and Spotted Thick-knee.

By digitally arranging these micro shapes into larger, more distinct macro patterns, we developed a highly effective camouflage pattern.

MicroCamo Tech’s distinct ‘African’ aesthetic makes it a distinctly fashionable pattern as well.